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"I love the huge cabinets. We are able to keep a lot of garage clutter behind closed doors; from shoes,..."

"We are completely satisfied with the new garage floor. It looks great! The professionalism shown to us..."

"The shelving has been great both in the garage and in my basement.  The shelves have allowed me to..."

Garage Storage Ames Locals Treasure

If you have hobbies such as backpacking, camping, sports, crafts, or gardening, chances are you store a lot of equipment in the garage. Even if you don’t have one specific interest, your garage is the main hub for storage space. Often times, this room becomes a cluttered mess. MB Garage Systems LLC is here to turn that around and provide controlled garage storage in Ames.

Benefits Of Monkey Bars

Our Monkey Bar storage systems are not one-size-fits-all. We customize each setup to meet the needs of your garage. Your belongings are important to you, and are also important to us. Switch up the way you store from DIY kits, to the leading brand on the market. We help you increase space and create an organized structure for user-friendly garage storage in Ames.

  • Protection: Our systems allow you to categorize and place items store in a cabinet or on a shelf. By keeping items up high, they are safe from pets, children, & rodents.
  • Floor Space: Each product stores your items vertically and along the wall, or up above. We guarantee at least 33% space increase in your garage with the help of a few storage products. You can now park your car in the garage and have room to walk around.
  • Warranty: Another guarantee is a lifetime warranty on all system hardware. We realize mistakes happen, and will ensure you get to keep your cabinet, shelf, or racks in top-notch condition.

Products That Endure

  • Garage Shelving Choose steel shelving for stacking bins that take up floor space. Each shelf can hold 1,000 lbs for every four feet.
  • Garage Cabinets Our cabinets are aesthetically pleasing and come in many layouts that are perfect for you. They come in four different colors to match the style of your home.
  • Overhead Garage Storage Securely fastened to your ceiling, our overhead racks can hold 750-1,000 lbs of extra storage.
  • Garage Flooring Add value and convenience to your garage with a stain-resistant, durable epoxy coating.

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by on September 25, 2012